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Live Broadcasts
All the start times below are Eastern Standard Time
(which is UTC -5
on the World Time Zone Map
The main speaker(s) are shown in brackets
Monday-Friday, 8.00am (audio) Think Red Ink Ministries (Don Harris)
Mon-Fri, 9-12 noon (audio) Church of God Radio (Peter Salemi/Bill Petsinis)
Sunday-Thursday, 9.00pm (video)
Church of God Ministry (Stephen Gilbreath)

Sunday, 11.00am (video) Think Red Ink Ministries (Don Harris)
Wednesday, 7.00pm (video)
Lifetime Ministry Church (Tim Foust)
Wednesday, 8.00pm (video)
House of God
(Ron Harmon)
Wednesday, various locations and times (video) Living Church of God
(You will need to request a password for each location.)
Friday, 9.00pm (video) Intercontinental Church of God (James Ricks)
Every Two Weeks
Tuesday, 8.30pm (video) Tulsa Church of God (Lawrence Gregory)
Wednesday, 7.00pm (video)
United Church of God (t.b.a.)
Wednesday, 8.30pm (video) Wholeworld Church of God (Ronald Laughland)
Friday, 6.00pm (video) The Father's Call (t.b.a.)
Church of God 7th Day (Caribbean) (t.b.a.) 8.30am (video)
Lifetime Ministry Church (Tim Foust) 10.00am (video)
The Church of God (UK) (Jamie McNab) 10.00am (audio)
Seventh Day Christian Assembly (Ken Swiger) 11.15am (video)
Yahweh's Voice of Victory (David Roberts) 11.15am (audio)
Crusade Church of God (Larry Lasiter) 11.30am (video)
House of God (t.b.a.) 11.30am (video)
Pleasant Hills Christian Church (Bruce Chesney) 11.45am (video)
Church of God International (Feb 13: t.b.a.) 12 noon (video)
Alfred Church of God 7th Day (Stephen Kyner) 12 noon (video)
Eliyah (Tom Martincic) 12 noon (video)
Churchlight Association (Jack Hines) 12.45pm (video)
Eternal Church of God (Terry Moore) 1.00pm (video)
Church of God Ministries International (t.b.a.) 1.00pm (video)
Church of God 7th Day (Colorado Springs) (Troy Gedack) 1.00pm (video)
Beth Shalom Messianic Congregation (Steve Berkson) 1.15pm (video)
Guardian Ministries (David Antion) 1.30pm (video)
Rock Valley Christian Church (David Liesenfelt) 1.30pm (video)
Congregation of God 7th Day (Gene Strange) 1.30pm (video)
Gr. Phoenix Church of God (Jim Cookman/John Vonderhaar) 1.30pm (video)
Church of God Ministry (Stephen Gilbreath) 1.30pm (video)
Church of God Fellowship, Lansing (Jeff Ledy) 1.30pm (video)
(Broadcasting 2nd & 4th Sabbath of each month only)
Truth on the Web Ministries (Feb 13: t.b.a.) 1.45pm (video)
United Church of God, Canton (Feb 13: Randy Stiver) 2.00pm (video)
The Father's Call (Feb 13: Brian Orchard) 2.00pm (video)
Tulsa Church of God (Feb 13: Art Williams/Barnabas Grayson) 2.00pm (video)
Church of God Fellowship, Spokane (Feb 13: Sal Cimino) 2.00pm (video)
House of God (Ron Harmon) 2.00pm (video)
Association for Christian Development (Ken Westby) 2.00pm (video)
Triumph Prophetic Ministries (Bill Dankenbring) 2.00pm (video)
Jerusalem Church of God (Kurt Alcide) 2.00pm (video)
The Church of God (USA) (Don Roth) 2.00pm (audio)
United Church of God, Wisconsin (Feb 13: Mike Helwig) 2.00pm (audio)
Church of God Cincinnati (Jim O'Brien) 2.30pm (video)
United Church of God, Cincinnati (Feb 13: no broadcast) 2.30pm (video)
Church of God Webcast (Jeff Patton) 2.30pm (video)
Church of the Sovereign God (Ben Faulkner) 2.30pm (video)
Wholeworld Church of God (Ronald Laughland) 2.30pm (video)
Yahweh's Restoration Ministry (Alan Mansager) 2.30pm (video)
Church of the Great God (John Ritenbaugh) 2.30pm (audio)
Church of God eim (t.b.a.) 2.30pm (audio)
Church of God in Truth (James Russell) 2.30pm (audio)
Church of God Big Sandy (Feb 13: t.b.a.) 3pm (video)
Christian Commandment Keepers (Mark Kaplan) 3.00pm (video)
Christian Educational Ministries (Feb 13: t.b.a.) 3.00pm (video)
Marble Hill Church of God 7th Day (Pete Hornbuckle) 3.00pm (video)
Children of God (Warren Zehrung) 3.00pm (audio)
Church of the Eternal God (Feb 13: Dave Harris) 3.30pm (video)
UCG, East Texas (Feb 13: t.b.a.) 3.30pm (video)
Huntsville Church of God (Albert Foy) 3.30pm (video)
Bethel Church of God (David Carter) 4.00pm (audio)
Church of God, Kansas City (Feb 13: Tim Hinds) 4.15pm (video)
United Church of God, Spokane (Feb 13: t.b.a.) 4.30pm (video)
Lighted Way Ministries (Mark & Shauna Manfredine) 5.00pm (video)
(No broadcast on Feb 20)
Church of God, a Worldwide Association and Living Church of God
(Broadcasts from various locations, but you must request a password for each