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Festival of Tabernacles 2014

United States of America

The International festival sites are on a separate page.


All groups listed here have an 'open attendance' policy and welcome non-members.
Please check if you need to pre-register for the festival site you want to attend.

The red number after the festival dates below is the calendar method.

Please see the Biblical Calendar 2014 page for an explanation of the different dates.

For calendars [6] [7] [8] Crescent Moon Watch shows where and when the new moon

was first be visible on the evenings of 24th, 25th & 26th September.

HM Nautical Almanac Office has more precise data - select Crescent Moon Visibility
and Named Location, and type in Jerusalem or other major world city.

Some festival sites, where the 'Eighth Day' will be on or before October 17,

will remain open to include the October 18 Sabbath.


Bella Vista       October 9-16 [1]       Venue : ARK, 8030 Lacroix Road, Decatur.

New Wine Ministry      Festival Info       Visitor Info

Hot Springs       October 10-17 [8]       Venue : Catherine's Landing

Nazarene Israel      Festival Info       Visitor Info


Fairfield       October 9-16 [1]       Venue : Homewood Suites

The Bible Fund       Festival Info      Visitor Info

Occidental       Venue & Visitor Info : CYO Retreat Center
Hallel Fellowship (Messianic)       October 10-17 [8]

Colorado Springs   October 11-18 [8]   Venue: C.S. Church, 7290 Lexington Dr.
Colorado Springs Church of God 7th Day       Festival Info       Visitor Info
Colorado Springs       October 11-18 [7]       Venue : 627 North Circle Drive.
Churchlight Publishing Association       Festival Info       Visitor Info


DeLand       October 11-18 [8]       
Al Hillmeyer       Festival Info       Visitor Info

Kissimmee       Venue & Visitor Info : Maingate Lakeside Resort

Christian Commandment Keepers       Festival Info       October 9-16 [1]

Lake City       October 11-18 [8]       Venue : KHM, 2432 Southwest Birley Avenue.

Kol HaMashiach Messianic Congregation       Festival Info      Visitor Info


Conyers       October 10-17 [6]       Venue : TWoY, 1299 Milstead Avenue.
The Way of Yah (Messianic)       Festival Info       Visitor Info


Sandpoint       October 8-15 [4]       Venue : Best Western Edgewater Resort
YHWH is 1 (Messianic)      Festival Info       Visitor Info


Rockford       October 10-17 [6]       Venue & Visitor Info : Rockford Christian Camp
Shalom Assembly of Yahweh (Messianic)      Festival Info


Elizabeth       Venue : Keeton’s Pavilion, Glass Sand, Overlook Road.
Family of God
       October 9-16 [1]       Festival Info      Visitor Info

Valparaiso       October 11-18 [6]       Venue & Visitor Info : Shekinah Farm
Firstfruits Fellowship (Messianic)      Festival Info


Moravia       October 9-16 [1]       Venue : Honey Creek Resort State Park 

Church of God Fellowship       Festival & Visitor Info

Mackinaw       October 11-18 [8]       Visitor Info
The Shining Light     Festival Info : contact Constance at


Branson       October 7-14 [2]       Venue : Treehouse Condominiums
Church of God in Truth       Festival Info       Visitor Info
New Mexico

Pie Town      October 10-19 [8]       Venue : Free Bunkhouse, RV & Tent Sites at TRI.
Think Red Ink       Festival Info       Visitor Info

North Carolina
Asheville       Venue & Visitor Info : Blue Ridge Assembly Conference Center 
Melo HaGoyim 
(Messianic)      October 10-17 [6]       Festival Info
Columbus       October 10-17 [8]       Venue : Ostrander
Yaakov's Flock
(Messianic)      Festival Info       Visitor Info


Kellyville      October 11-18 [8]      Venue/Visitor Info: Sheppard Point Campground
About Torah Messianic Association
(Messianic)      Festival Info
Canby       Venue & Visitor Info : Canby Grove Christian Camp
Hebrew Nation
(Messianic)       October 10-17 [8]      Festival Info
Winston       October 10-17 [7]       Venue : Noah's Ark
Lighted Way Ministries       Festival Info       Visitor Info


Polk       Venue & Visitor Info : Seneca Hills Bible Camp & Retreat Center
Tikvat T'Zion
(Messianic)       October 9-16 [1]       Festival Info

Tunkhannock       Festival & Campsite Information
Yahweh's Feast Day Site
(Messianic)      October 8-15 [3]


Gatlingburg       October 10-17 [7]       Festival Info

Venue & Visitor Info : WA-Floy Mountain Village Retreat
Congregation of Yahshua & True Words of Yahweh Yahshua Assembly      

Jackson       October 9-16 [1]       Venue: Temple Bnai Israel, 401 Grand Avenue.
Hungry Hearts Ministries
(Messianic)       Festival Info       Visitor Info


Cisco       October 10-17 [7]       Venue : Free Church Campsite

Assembly of Yahweh 7th Day (Messianic)       Festival Info

Huntsville       October 9-16 [1]       Venue: Huntsville Church, 2214 Badger Lane.

Huntsville Church of God       Festival Info       Visitor Info

Kerrville       October 8-15 [5]       Venue : Y.O. Ranch Hotel

North Texas Fellowship in YHWH (Messianic)       Festival Info       Visitor Info

San Antonio       October 9-16 [1]       Venue : Comfort Inn Fiesta at Six Flags 
Church of God San Antonio       Festival Info      Visitor Info


Spokane       October 9-16 [1]       Venue & Visitor Info : Fruitland Bible Camp 
Church of God 7th Day (Caldwell)       Festival Info